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Bank One Platinum Visa

Finally a credit card that offers a low, ongoing APR * tied to Prime! That's right. The Platinum Visa card from Bank One let's you save on purchases and balance transfers with a rate equal to Prime (currently 4.75% as of 01/07/02). Month after month you'll save for as long as you use your card with the Platinum Visa card from Bank One.

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First USA Cash Rewards Platinum Visa

Earn Free Cash Rewards everywhere you shop with the new Free Cash Rewards Platinum Visa card from First USA. Apply now, and give yourself the reward you deserve.

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First USA Titanium Visa

Titanium means the power to save now, and save later with a 9.99% ongoing APR* on purchases and balance transfers. Enjoy superior benefits to make your shopping safe and easy, both online and off.

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