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Newsweek is a weekly news magazine that reports and analyzes today's most important events, political and social leaders, and issues transforming the world we live in. Intriguing, daring and always informative, Newsweek provides thought-provoking coverage of the modern world.


Bow Masters

Crafty caribou, awesome elk, trophy whitetails, record-book antelope, monster bears, and African game are just some of the hunting topics covered in every bimonthly issue of Bow Masters, truly the only advanced bowhunting publication on newsstands.

Bow and Arrow Hunting

Bow & Arrow Hunting is published eight times a year and is the authoritative guide to the world of bow hunting. Whether it's deer, boar, bear, elk or other game you're after, each issue is chock-full of advice on equipment, destinations, placing and building stands, and other helpful tips to help you hone your skills and bring home the bounty.


Coverage of bowhunting locations across North America and expert advice from legendary bowhunters are included in each issue of Bowhunter magazine. It also features annual deer, elk, turkey, and bear forecasts — plus new annual gear guides for up-to-the-minute reports on equipment, new products, calls, lures, and tree stands.

Bowling Digest

Bowling Digest features player profiles of all the stars in the bowling world, both male and female. In addition to news stories and statistics, it devotes many of its pages to bowling instruction. Two Pro Bowlers Association stars, Parker Bohn III and Bill Spigner; John Jowdy, the leading coach to the pros; and a former women's pro and current Team USA coach, Jeri Edwards, deliver a host of winning tips in every issue.

Boy's Quest

Boys' Quest encourages and improves the reading skills of boys aged 6-12 years. It instills traditional family values and inspires the reader with entertaining, thought-provoking, and challenging articles and activities. Each bimonthly issue includes stories, cartoons, puzzles, building projects, knot tying, science, math, and much more.

Brake & Front End

Brake & Front End features the latest information on brake, chassis, exhaust, front-end, front-wheel-drive, and wheel alignment. Each monthly issue also profiles the newest product and service offerings from aftermarket suppliers.

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is a bimonthly magazine for brides-to-be, with all the information needed to ensure a beautiful, memorable wedding day. Articles address such topics as wedding fashions, decorating, etiquette, and honeymoon travel. Bridal Guide also delves into relationships, marriage, sex, health, travel, and home design.


The months before any wedding can be a happy whirlwind filled with decisions both minor and monumental. Bride's is dedicated to helping you create the wedding of your dreams. Each bimonthly issue contains the most dazzling dresses for every bride's budget and style, fashions for the entire wedding party, fantasy flowers and cakes, and the most comprehensive wedding planning advice to be found. Buy the gown of your dreams, plan your perfect reception, ace the etiquette, enjoy the honeymoon, and start your beautiful life together today. Ideas from the most original to the most traditional — and everything in between — can be found within the pages of Bride's. Above cover photo by Paul Lange.