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Step 1: Understand the causes of learning problems:

The four reasons most commonly given to try to explain why children have difficulty learning:

#1 A lack of instruction or poor instruction. If some tutoring and additional homework does not quickly solve the problem, this is not the cause of your childís difficulties.

#2 A lack of motivation. Motivation is seldom the reason for difficulty when a child first starts school, but with continual struggle and failure, most children lose their motivation and start to avoid hard tasks. This avoidance then adds to learning problems.

#3 Heredity. Heredity does play a role in learning difficulties, but it is generally believed that between 40% and 70% of our mental abilities are learned, not inherited. Therefore, we can accomplish far more if we stop blaming the problems on genes, which we canít change, and start helping enhance the skills that are learned and can be changed.

#4 A lack of underlying learning skills. If learning problems cannot quickly be resolved with a little extra tutoring, then usually there are deficiencies in the underlying learning skills required to make learning easy, efficient, and fast.

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